Among the duties of the Parts Department are supplying information and giving advice. Information and the relevant advice may be acquired by and provided to the customer both orally and in writing and may relate to the following:

  • the availability of parts;
  • the time within which unavailable parts can be delivered;
  • the exchangeability of parts with similar parts;
  • the delivery time and manner of delivery of parts;
  • the sale prices of parts;
  • the warranty on parts;
  • the conditions of sale. 

We have more than 18,000 parts in stock. More than 70% of the requests for delivery are met within 24 hours. We are in direct contact with the worldwide distribution system of our suppliers. Parts that are urgent are mostly shipped on the same day from the depot of the supplier to Surmac per air or sea freight.

We sell only original parts. Just as with the equipment, the highest quality requirements are set for the manufacture of these parts. The desired life span of these parts is, thus, guaranteed.

In addition to new parts for the engine, transmission, drive components, hydraulic components/hoses and electrical components, we also have factory reconditioned components. By replacing the worn out component with a reconditioned component you save time and money. We also have a hydraulic hose assembly unit. Furthermore, we sell various CAT tools, oils, greases, industrial substances and general items that are used in a workshop.