Surmac Guyane is an innovative and solution-oriented company. We aim to offer our customers what they need, when they need it, in a way that best suits them. In practice, this means that we are committed to getting to know our customers and their operations so we can offer them products and/or services that will effectively support them in becoming as successful as possible.

We do not only offer high-quality heavy and small equipment. Depending on the needs of our customers we also offer financial packages, innovative services and professional advice via our special team of highly skilled and competent account managers as well as technical support. Furthermore, we offer training courses and workshops in our own training center so that we can keep our customers updated on what they need to know to optimize the resources acquired from Surmac Guyane.

We are very proud that our machines have largely contributed to the development of key construction projects in French Guyane, like Ariane launchpad, the road to Apatou, or the PETIT-SAUT hydroelectric dam.

Our products and services also contribute to a great extent to the small-scale and large-scale mining industry as well as to the agricultural and forestry sectors. Additionally, electric systems and marine engines make up a large part of our business.

Our company uses machines that are known to be the best in the world. Especially Caterpillar integrates technology, engineering and quality in a way that enables the organization to bring innovative products on the market. We only work with the very best brands to guarantee that we can provide our customers with excellent and customized solutions.